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Our Story

About Us

Forage Charcuterie is a family owned and locally operated business based out of Northeastern Arkansas. When the previous owners received a job offer outside of the Springfield area, we jumped on the opportunity to buy the business with the idea of expanding to include: Springfield, Branson, Harrison, North Bull Shoals Lake, Mountain Home, and surrounding areas.

We are a couple that met through Tik Tok and immediately became friends. A year later, we merged our families and traveled the country together while living in a camper. We welcomed our newborn in July 2022 and shortly after chose to embark on this journey.

We both love food and enjoy trying new things. After making our first charcuterie board, we were hooked. The mixture of meats and cheeses working together to cultivate your taste buds with every combination is intriguing, and really fun. We want to share our enjoyment of charcuterie with you as we learn more techniques and try new fusions. We hope to expand your palate one board at a time and develop relationships that will last for years to come.

Meet Our Family

Derek is a born and raised local to Springfield, MO. He prides himself on building businesses and making them grow. He loves being a dad to his three kids more than anything else. The best word to describe Derek is dedicated; he dedicates himself wholeheartedly to everything he does. He is the driving force behind our business and is constantly looking for ways to bring fresh ideas and products to every charcuterie board we make.


Tina is a born and raised Texan. She prides herself on being both family and travel oriented. She has lived in exciting places, including Germany and Alaska. She has traveled to over 12 countries and is always looking for new destinations. She says her biggest personal accomplishment so far is graduating with a Bachelor's in Economics from Campbell University. She is the master mind behind our business and makes sure we are providing the best experience possible for every charcuterie board.


Aiden is the oldest child and has the purest soul. The only thing he loves more than working, is fishing. He loves being a big brother and is really good at it. He will be the first to offer a helping hand but also enjoys taking a break and spending a day on the lake. He is usually the one helping load all our supplies for our boards.


Laikyn is our feisty 7 year old, who thinks she is going on 17. She is one of the kindest and most genuine girls you will ever meet and is loyal beyond belief. She would choose a day playing outside with friends over almost anything else, except being helpful. She loves to learn new things and keeps us all on a routine. She is not afraid to taste test anything the first time and will always tell us what she thinks of the combinations we create.


Riley is our newborn and is still developing her personality. She loves her mom, music, to be outside, and when dad sings to her. She is already a bit of a diva and we couldn't be more thankful for our happy and healthy girl. She reminds us to take a break and enjoy family time once in a while.

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